This week we need to address something very important.

At SPAFC, we believe in fostering a positive and inclusive environment for all participants in our games. We want to emphasise that any form of anti-social behaviour towards our (and visiting) players, volunteers, coaches, or umpires will not be tolerated on our turf.

Abuse in any shape or form has no place in our games. We kindly urge each and every one of you to be vigilant and to call out bad behaviour when you witness it. Let us work together to uphold the values of respect, fairness, and sportsmanship.

Remember, Umpires should not be approached by anyone except the designated Ground Marshall. If you have any concerns or issues during a game, please address them politely with the Ground Marshall. They are here to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience for all.

Games Info & Updates

Plenty of games on this weekend, including our Seniors who are playing at home on Saturday, so its always a good time to be at the Club in around your Junior games. have released their mobile app, you can go to your app store and download it to your phone now and save your favourite players and teams for easy access to their fixtures.

Keep an eye on our socials for the fixtures list but please make sure you are getting up to date information from you team managers and coaches as they can change and if you want to plan ahead, here is the link to our games on the official PlayHQ website or the new mobile app.

It’s AFLQ Volunteer Round this week!

We couldn’t let this special week pass without giving a huge shoutout to our incredible volunteers.

Our volunteers are the backbone of our club, and we want to acknowledge the invaluable contributions they make both on and off the field.

So, let’s take a moment to applaud our extraordinary volunteers. Your selflessness, hard work, and unwavering support are what make our club truly special. You embody the spirit of community and exemplify the values that SPAFC represents.

To each and every one of you, THANK YOU. We are beyond grateful for everything you do.

Let’s remember to encourage and support our players on and off the field. Regardless of the game’s outcome, it’s important to congratulate all participants on their performance. Celebrate the effort, the teamwork, and the determination that went into each game. We rise together as a community, win or lose.

Thank you Volunteer week

Thats it for Demon’s News this week. Please tag us in on your photos and videos on Facebook and IG @surfersdemonsjuniors #surfersdemonsjuniors

Enjoy your weekend of footy #godees


Junior Committee