AFL is Australia’s indigenous and most popular code of football. With a long and proud history dating back to 1857, AFL is played throughout Australia at both junior and senior levels. 

AFL is an emphatically multi-cultural sport, with players participating from countries across the world, as well as a uniquely strong indigenous representation.

AFL requires use of skill sets much wider in scope than other football codes.  If learnt at a junior age, the eye-hand, eye-foot, hand to foot, catching, running and positional skills are very transferable and are indeed highly valued across all other sports.  AFL’s varied nature of roles, play and skills encourage teamwork, sportsmanship and social skills.

All Auskick, Junior and Youth coaches are accredited through the AFL Coaches development programs, ensuring that the safest environment and latest techniques and skills are used to teach, mentor, and develop the players. As the major focus point for all club stakeholders the club places a large investment in keeping our coaches qualified and up to date. The AFL also trains and supplies umpires for each game, with umpires continuing their skill development through appropriate matches and supervision through the different grades of the competition.